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This page will work as a repository of some of the resources that the Laurels of Drachenwald has recommended. Their personal favourites as well as links to interesting and useful sites and books.

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The Tudor Tailor

Web Gallery of Art

British Library catalogue of illuminated manuscript collection


Bolognese Swordplay & the Dardi Tradition

Guy Windsor's Swordschool YouTube Channel

Swedish Museum of History's Search page

Drachenwald Online Scriptorium

Sarah Thursfield

Medieval Cookery - Images and instructions for period seams and stitches  -Heather Rose Jones database of extant garments - Instructions and videos on naalbinding, website edited by Drea Leed

Victoria and Albert museum Image archive

Romance of Alexander - Website of scanned images from a manuscript

Poul Høxbro - Early music interpreter

Les haulz et les bas - Early music interpreters

The rackett - Youtube of early instruments presented by David Munrow, in particular the Historical Archive.


The Tudor Tailor, by Mikhaila & Malcolm-Davies

Textiles and Clothing, by Crowfoot, Pritchard & Staniland

A History of Hand Knitting, by Rutt

Textiler Hausrat. Kleider und Haustextilien in Nürnberg von 1500 bis 1650, by Jutta Zander-Seidel

Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials, by Margarethe Hald

The German Single-Leaf Woodcut, 1500-1550, by Max Geisberg

Textile Conservation and Research: A Documentation of the Textile Department on the Occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Abegg Foundation, by Mechthild Flury-Lemberg

Freelance Academy Press - books on Historical Combat

12 Transcribed Italian Treatises & Collections in the Tradition of Domenico Da Piacenza: Choreographic Transcriptions & Concordances by A. William Smith

Orchesographie by Thoinot Arbeau

Tanz, Tod und Teufel, Tanzkultur in der gesellschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts by Irmgard Jungmann

De Pratica Seu Arte Tripudii, ed. Barbara Sparti

Images in the Margins of Gothic Manuscripts, by Lilian M.C. Randall

The Calligrapher’s bible: 100 Alphabets and how to Draw Them by David Harris

Artist's Manual: A Complete Guide to Paintings and Drawing Materials and techniques by Angela Gair

Textiles from Hallstatt by Gromer, Kern, Reschreiter & Rosel-Mautendorfer

Knives and scabbards By Cowgill, Neergaard & Griffiths

Medieval sculpture and works of art by Paul Wiliamson

Stora vävboken by Laila Lundell

Mistress Eva's collection of cookbooks

Pleyn Delit by Constance B. Hieatt, Sharon Butler, Brenda Hosington

Cooking and Dining in Medieval England by Peter Brears

Forme of Cury

The Högom find and other Migration Period Textiles and Costumes in Scandinavia. By Margareta Nockert (1991). University of Umeå.

Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women, C.1560-1620, by Janet Arnold

Patterns of Fashion 4: The Cut and Construction of Linen Shirts, Smocks, Neckwear, Headwear and Accessories for Men and Women C. 1540-1660, by Janet Arnold

Dress Accessories by Egan & Pritchard 

Shoes and Pattens by  Grew & de Neergard

Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince by Stella Mary Newton

Le costume médiéval de 1320 à 1480 by Florent Vénie

Techniques of Tabletweaving by Peter Collingwood

(new) John Harvey: Mediaeval Gardens

(new) Sylvia Landsberg: The Medieval Garden


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