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Chatelaine's page

What do chatelaines do?

Drachenwald chatelaines are responsible for welcoming and assisting new members and for providing information for people interested in finding out about the SCA. Please read the chatelaine job description for more details.

Resources for chatelaines

The kingdom chatelaine has created a handbook that can be read on-line

The Barony of Thescorre's Adept Handbook: Teaching Through Living History is a useful manual on doing demos. Less demo-oriented, but good for resources for doing classes or repsentations is the SCAteach mailing list. You can also join the Chatelaine's email list


Information about reporting

For information on reporting, please read the reporting guidelines for chatelaines.

Chatelaine Points of Contact

Kingdom Chatelaine
Lady Eleanor de Arnot  (Justine Arnot)

Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine
Are you interested to become the Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine? Send an email to

Insula Draconis Chatelaine
Lord Guy de Dinan (Adam Edwards)

Nordmark Chatelain
Walderik Birgherson Gröne (Mats Rappe)

Aarnimetsä Chatelaine
Lady Dorotea Raymondintytär

Southern Regions Chatelaine

Central Region Chatelaine
Lady Catalina de Zaragoza