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Kingdom Officers of Drachenwald

The Officers of the Kingdom of Drachenwald

This page lists the primary contacts points for the kingdom. Only the kingdom officers are listed here.  For deputies and further details, visit the appropriate officer page by clicking on the office name or the badge.

What do all these office titles mean?

Kingdom Seneschal

Lord Edricus Filius Offaeus (Jonas Evertsson)

Related officers

Schwarzdrachen Herald

Lady Lyonet de Covenham (Lynette Nusbacher)

Earl Marshal

Lord Stigot Eke (Sebastian Eldh)

Fencing Marshal

Lord Duncan Chaucer (Phil Mac Fadden)

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Cornelia vom Distelfeld (Marleen de Kramer)

Kingdom Exchequer

Mistress Victoria Piera Roselli (Victoria Clark)

Kingdom Chronicler

Countess Jovi Torstensdottir (Josefina Åsemyr)

Signet Clerk

Baroness Aria Gemina Mala (Jennifer McGowan)

Web Minister

Lord Aodh Ó Siadhail (Drew Shiel)

University Chancellor

Lady Ragnhil de Kaxtone (Asa Hestner-Blomqvist)


Lady Eleanor de Arnot (Justine Arnot)

Social Media Officer

Lady Maria Harsick (Mary Woodcock Kroble)

Youth Minister

Lady Blenda af Nääs (Emilia Stenmyr)


What do all these office titles mean?

Seneschal Equivalent to chairman/secretary in other organisations. Handles all the administration, business and legal matters. Coordinates with the Crown and other officers. Is the point of contact for all modern world matters, unless otherwise covered by one of the other officers.
 Herald Is, not surprisingly, in charge of heraldry for the kingdom. This includes registering coats of arms, devices, badges, personal and group names etc. It also includes coordinating all the voice heralds, who make announcements in court, on the tournament field etc.
Earl Marshal Is in charge of all the martial activities - armoured combat, archery etc. Maintains the list of authorised fighters, local and regional marshals etc. In charge of ensuring the safety of all taking part in combat activities.
Fencing Marshal Is in charge of all the fencing activities - period fencing and cut and thrust. Maintains the list of authorised fencers, local and regional marshals etc. In charge of ensuring the safety of all taking part in fencing activities
Exchequer Equivalent to treasurer.  Maintains the kingdom's accounts and bank accounts. Handles all the kingdom finances. Write the cheques.
Chronicler Is in charge of kingdom publications,  mainly the kingdom newsletter, but also any other printed publications.
Chatelaine Is the officer in charge of dealing with new members and new groups. Assists groups in recruiting and retaining new members.
Signet Clerk Is in charge of the production and distribution of all scrolls, writs etc for awards given in the kingdom. Supervises a group of scribes, calligraphers and illuminators who produce the scrolls.
University Chancellor Is in charge of arranging clases and workshops etc for the annual kingdom university event