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Signet Clerk

Kingdom Drachenwald Signet Clerk
Baroness Aria Gemina Mala

Principality Nordmark Signet Clerk
Countess Agnes Odygd

Principality Insulae Draconis Signet Clerk
Lord Richard of Salesberry  

Barony of Aarnimetsä Signet Clerk
Lady Joanne am Rein

Barony of Styringheim Signet Clerk
Viscountess Wilda Frejasdottir

Barony of Knight's Crossing Signet Clerk
Mistress Ailitha de Ainwyk

A signet clerk is in charge of coordinating with the King and Queen / Prince and Princess and the scribes of the kingdom to create calligraphed and illuminated works of art to be given out with awards and to commemorate entrances into orders.

A scribe in the Society for Creative Anachronism is a person who creates these documents; a scribe can either do illumination or calligraphy or both to produce a unique and original work of art. Award documents in the SCA are not just works of art but are also official documentation of the award that was given out, like a diploma.

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