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Drachenwald Laurels

Drachenwald - Order of the Laurel

This is the web page for finding information about the Order of the Laurel, and the Laurels in the Kingdom.

August 2018: Latest news from Raglan

During Ffair Raglan Vitus and Isabel elevated Aryanhwy merch Catmael, and Arianwhy Wen to the Order of the Laurel on Wednesday August 8 in a twin ceremony of day and night, good and evil.

Jul 2018: Missives from Cudgel War

Having been well pleased with Kaarina Eerikintytär and in particular her musical compositions, Queen Isabel put the lady on vigil on Tuesday night, and Wednesday July 11 Kaarina accepted the offer to become Maisteri Kaarina Eerikintytär, with a 12th Century song written and performed by her friends to mark the occasion.

Feb 2018: News from Aarnimetsä Midwinter

On Friday night Their Majesties Lief and Morrigan placed Lady Beata Sigridsdotter on vigil and on Saturday February 17 she accepted the accolade and joined the Order of the Laurel.

About the Laurels

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Secretary of the Order

Mistress Tece de Kaxtone, 


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Laurels of the Kingdom - Listing by region

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Beata Sigridsdotter - Early Period Costume/Embroidery

Eva Grelsdotter - Cooking

Helena von Eltz - Tailoring/Costuming

Kaarina Eerikintytär - Music

Katheryn Hebenstreitz - Costuming

Joutsenjärven Sahra - Tablet weaving & Finnish Iron Age

Tófa Jóhansdóttir (Satu Hovi) - Costuming

Uta Boucht (Ulla-Mari Uusitalo) - Tailoring


Bridget Greywolf - Calligraphy & Illumination

Ellisa von Berenklaw (formerly Ailitha de Ainwyk) - Calligraphy & Illumination

Giano Balestriere - Cooking

Gwylym Penbras - Blacksmithing

Gottfried Kilianus - Costuming

Judith de Northumbria (Rachel Lorenz) - Dance

Petronilla of London - Embroidery

Wiglaf Wilfriding - Leatherwork

Insulae Draconis

Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné - Cookery and Poetry

Arianhwy Wen - C&I

Aryanhwy merch Catmael - Research (Names)

Cernac the Navigator - Fencing

Etienne Fevre - Casting

Lyonet de Covenham - Heralding, scrivening, scholarship, poesy

Mary verch Thomas - Embroidery

Melisende Fitzwalter - Calligraphy & Illumination

Oriane d'Avallon - Calligraphy & Illumination 

Paul de Gorey - Stuff

Rogned Steingrimovna - Textiles

Sigmundr Haakonarson - Woodcarving

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale (John Sawyer) - Cooking


Anna Laresdotter - Textile Arts (Knitting)

Alienor of Farryngdon - Calligraphy & Illumination/Costuming

Arenwald von Hagenburg - Woodwork

Celemon Bleiddiast Gwynedd - Dancing/Cooking

Fardäng Skvaldre - Brewing, Vintning and Infusions

Hawas Gota Krakfot - Calligraphy & Illumination

Helwig Ulfsdotter - Tailoring/Costuming

Kareina Talventytär - Hand sewing/Embroidery

Lia de Thornegge - Embroidery

Renike Tucher - Textile Arts/15th Century Costuming

Signe Scriffuerska - Calligraphy & Illumination

Skafte Vaghorne - Music

Sven Gunnarsson of Fathrundrialand (Robert Hedström) - Armouring

SvartulvR (Anton Rönnblom) - Casting

Tece de Kaxtone - Tailoring/15th Century Costuming

Southern Reaches

Guntram von Wolkenstein - Tablet Weaving


The Laurel pages currently edited by: Mistress Ellisa von Berenklaw