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Exchequer Pages

Welcome to the page for all Exchequer related activity in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Here you will find the forms which must be completed for Shire Quarterly reports and for reporting on the finances and attendee numbers at events. There are also a number of useful articles describing how to complete these reports.




  • Request for Warrant: Please send the following information to your regional Exchequer
    • Mundane Name
    • SCA Name
    • Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Scan of Photo ID
    • Scan of valid membership card
    • Confirmation from your Seneschal of you taking on the role of Exchequer



Note: NMS for Kingdom level events (Crown and Coronation) held outside the affiliate organisations (i.e not in Nordmark or Aarnimetsa) is now 5Euros per adult non-member. This must be sent to the Kingdom Exchequer after the event

Every group in Drachenwald submit a signed copy (paper copy or scan via email) of the Domesday Report before 25th Jan each year. Each group must also submit a quarterly report by 25th of April, July, October each year. Note that dates are 15th of these months in Insulae Draconis to allow the ID exchequer to prepare an overall report to Kingdom.

SCA Financial Report

SCA Negative Report


Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer

  Victoria Piera Rosselli (Victoria Clark)
Victoria Piera Rosselli is a 16th century noblewoman who enjoys tailoring, hatmaking, and costuming of all sorts.
Victoria Clark is a credit manager and professional spreadsheet wrangler for a large multinational company, who enjoys reading and sewing. 

Deputy Exchequer Insulae Draconis

Agatha of Norwich (Kay Ellis)

Agatha of Norwich is an 11th Century wealthy widow, who has a persona that moves through all times in the SCA, and so can also be seen in Tudor or Florentine garb.
Kay Ellis is retired and lives with her partner, her cat, and a large art desk.  She has interests in art, sewing, and, of course, history.

Deputy Exchequer Central Europe

Anna Syveken (S. Vogt)
Anna Syveken is a multiple persona, switching between the late roman empire, the 14th and the 16th century. In most of the times she's a married woman somewhere in the middle - middle europe, middle class, middle education, middle income.
Sina is a secretary in a big European company. She lives in Franconia with her husband, likes hiking, singing and watching British TV series.

Deputy Exchequer Nordmark/Sweden

Morten Kanik (Martin Eriksson) 
Morten Kanik is a 14th Century canon who is interested in target archery and spends his spare time making small wooden arteftacts for weaving
Martin Eriksson lives in the the medieval town of Visby, Gotland

Deputy Exchequer Aarnimetsä/Finland

Master Vilhelm Torbjörnsson (Ville Laukkanen)