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Arts and Sciences Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the competition take?
It is a year long competition. It starts at 12th night coronation, and ends at Kingdom University.

What items can I enter?
Any art, science or craft that was done in the middle ages or renaissance, or a research paper dealing with some aspect of the middle ages or renaissance.

What are the requirements in general?
For everything but research papers, the requirements are:
1. Item must have been completed while residing in Kingdom
2. Item cannot have been entered in a previous Kingdom-level event.
3. A letter of intent saying you are entering, and what you are entering, must be received by the MoAS at least two weeks before the event.
4. Include documentation, which must be sent to the MoAS in electronic format at least one week before the event
5. Include a competition form/judging sheet
6. Be received by the MoAS in charge of the event NLT event deadline (normally the morning the event starts).

In how many categories do I have to enter?
To be the grand winner you have to enter at least 3 categories, though you can enter more if you like. If you don't want to be the grand winner, you can enter as many or few as you like.

Which category covers my item?
If you go to you will find a list of categories and you can find where your item belongs. If you can't find your item on the list, write the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences at and she will tell you where it belongs.

At how many events do I have to enter?
To be the grand winner you have to enter in at least two. You can enter more if you like.

In how many different categories do I have to enter?
To be the grand winner you have to enter in at least three. You can enter more if you like.

What is the minimum documentation required?
If you go to you will find the minimum documentation form. Basically the minimum is what they item is/ type of item, country of origin, period of origin, characteristics of style for that period and references.

I cannot travel to the event? Can I enter anyway?
Of course. It just needs to be sent with someone who is going to the event.

How are the points calculated to decide the winner?
Each person's average score for highest scoring item they enter in each category is added up. Additionally, if they are the winner at a kingdom event, they get 5 extra points for winning. The person who receives the most points overall is the winner. Note: any item that receives an average score of 50 or less, is not counted in the overall total.

What is an average score?
A combined total of 50 is an average score. Scores with a combined total above 50 mean the entry is above average. But whatever your score you should be proud of it, and read your comments carefully. Everyone who enters the competition is a winner, because you will win be learning from your feedback.

What topics can I enter for a research paper?
You can research on any period topic. That is, anything that has to do with the middle ages or renaissance. Research papers do not include items, only research. The important part of this category is your research; what you did, how you did it, the sources you used, and your conclusions. There is not a set format for a research paper, but bear in mind that the judges will have to read your work in order to judge it.

Can I enter a piece as display only?
If you do not wish to enter the competition, but want people to look at your work, you can enter it for display only. That means that it will be put out for people to look at, but it will not be judged nor will you receive any feedback on it. Items for display only do not have to have documentation, though it is a good thing to include

Your item can also be entered as Display/Feedback. In that case it will not be formally judged, but the judges will give you written feedback on how you can improve your work. If you are entering for feedback, you must include documentation.

Any A&S item can be entered in Display or Display/Feedback it does not have to have been finished in kingdom, and it could have been entered in a previous kingdom A&S competition.

Can I enter my item in the Kingdom level competition if it has been entered in a previous competition?
It depends. The Item cannot have been entered in a previous Kingdom-level A&S competition. But if it has only been entered in a local competition, that is allowed.

Can I enter an item I did while living in another kingdom.
No. All competing entries must have been completed while residing in Drachenwald.

How are the judges chosen?
The kingdom minister of A&S chooses judges who are knowledgeable in the field that is being judged and who will be at the event. If you have entered (or are planning on entering) in the year long competition you can not judge that year.

Why do I have to submit my documentation before the event?
Several reasons. First of all, so the kingdom MoAS can make up judging packets for each judge, which consists of the documentation, forms, etc. This makes the judging go a lot faster. Second, this ensures that you have your documentation - before we required this, people sometimes forgot or did not have any documentation. Finally it helps to ensure that judges who know the subject will be chosen to judge your work.

Do I have to be an expert to enter?
No. We encourage people of all levels to enter. Remember, the main reason to enter is to get useful feedback. Therefore not being an expert just means you will get more feedback.

Can I enter a piece in a kingdom competition if I don't plan on taking part in the championship?
Yes. And you will still receive useful feedback, and can win the competition for that event.

Where can I find examples of documentation and judging sheets?
Go to l and you will find forms, samples, and other useful information about the competition.

Can a group submit an entry for the competition?
They can submit something, and it can be judged, but it won't count for the year long competition. Only an individual can win that.

What would be my responsibilities as royal artisan if I won the championship?
You would assist the Kingdom MoAS with promoting Arts and Sciences.