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Sample Quarterly Report

Template and Example

Updated November 10, AS XLVI

Below is an example report sent in by a local branch of Drachenwald written out. Find also a (.doc) and a (.pdf) version of the report template the regional deputies should use when sending in their reports to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

3rd Quarter Report, 2008, Shire of Bananas

MoAS: Jane Doe

SCA name: Lady Minnie Mouse

Address: Banana Street 5, 000 00 Bananatown, Bananaland

Phone number: +55-(0)555- 5555 55 55

Membership number: 999 9999

The last 3 months have been quite active.

We had two local events - Banana Bonanza and Banana University.

At Banana Bonanza we had an Arts and Science competition. There were 6 entries. One Spanish 14th century dress made by Lady XX, one research paper written by Lord XX, one banner made by Lord XX, a scroll made by Lord XX, nalebound mittens by Lady XX and a carved wooden box made by Lady XX. The winner was Lady XX with her magnificent carved box. The judges were Baron XX, Lady Minnie and Mistress XX. In the judging we focused on documentation, authenticity and craftsmanship.

At the Banana University we had 15 different classes and teachers both from the Shire and from outside the Shire. 80 people came to the event and the turn out was really good. Lord XX and his Lady XX cooked a marvelous feast, and the menu was presented on a scroll on each table with references as to what recipes had been used.

At the local Shire meetings we have been working on a wall hanging for the Shire and a new banner. We are thinking about extending the project and making a painted silk war banner as well.

Lady XX has started a very interesting project with pottery. She is building a wood heated pottery oven in her back yard trying to recreate some Viking pottery. We are all really excited about how this project will turn out.

Lord XX has been teaching illumination and we are hoping to have a few blank scrolls to hand over to the King and Queen when they visit us for the Banana dance party next month.

The shire exchequer has said that we have some spare money and we are thinking about investing that in some tools for a armor workshop and also in some paints and brushes for the illumination classes.

If there is any more information you want please feel free to contact me.

In service,

Lady Minnie Mouse

MoAS of the Shire of Bananas