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Kingdom Marshal Policy Appendix


There are a great variety of combat related interests which are actively
pursued by members of the populace of Drachenwald. Each one of those
activities requires a name, its own staff of officers to administer those
activities and the appropriate warrants and authorizations.

In order to manage all these many different areas and offices,
abbreviations and definitions have been developed to denote the various
offices, activities and authorizations.

Below you will find a table that summarizes all abbreviations used by the
Marshallate of Drachenwald

The Earl Marshal

Warrant   a warrant makes somebody an officer of the SCA. A warrant is
required to perform official functions within the SCA. An officer must
be warranted, but not necessarily be authorized as in the case of the
Knight Marshal.
Authorization   somebody who is authorized is permitted to engage in a specific
activity. This activity may be fighting, but may also be marshalling.
Thus all Marshals who perform official activities must be authorized
to do so. All fighters who want to engage in official combat
activities, must also be authorized to do so
Acronym Verbose Acronym Verbose
Armored combat Fencing
w/s Weapon and Shield ra Rapier
2w 2 Weapons rr Rapier with rigid parry
gw Great Weapon rnr Rapier with non-rigid parry
pw Pole Weapon rd Rapier with parrying dagger
rsp Rattan spear r2 Case of Rapier
fsp Fiberglass spear sch Schläger
    sch2 Case of Schläger
Combat Archery Other authorizations and
ca Combat Archery ncp Non-Combat Participation (such
as Scouts)
tmw Thrown Missile Weapons tw Thrown Weapons (real
se Siege Engine EQWalk Equestrian at a Walk
    EQTrot Equestrian at a Trot
    EQCanter Equestrian at a Canter
Marshalling activity
(which function is fulfilled)
(what tasks can be fulfilled)
MIT Marshal in training ACM Armoured Combat Marshal
MAL Marshal at large AM Authorizing Marshal
KM Knight Marshal PFM Period Fencing Marshal
EM Earl Marshal CAM Combat Archery Marshal
KMF Kingdom Marshal of Fence EQM Equestrian Marshal
CGA Captain General of Archers TAM Target archery Marshal
KEQM Kingdom Equestrian Marshal ATAM Authorizing Target archery Marshal
RPM Regional/Principality Marshal    
KDEM Kingdom Deputy Earl
Minister of the Lists
(which function is fulfilled)
KMOL Kingdom Minister of the Lists    
RMOL Regional Minister of the Lists    
MOL Minister of the Lists