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Heraldry Contacts & Roster

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Drachenwald College of Heralds consists of Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald, Kingdom staff deputies, regional and local heralds, and warranted heralds not holding an office.

The roster of Drachenwald College of Heralds is listed in two ways. The first part lists all offices and their holders. The second part lists all warranted heralds by name.

Drachenwald Roster of Heralds Part 1: Offices

In this section you find contact information for the staff and local herald offices of Drachenwald.

The staff offices of Drachenwald College of Heralds are the Principal Herald, the Submissions Heralds and other deputies that the Principal Herald sees fit. Whether you have questions or missives to the Submissions Heralds, wish to submit an update to Drachenwald Order of Precedence, or have other business with the College of Heralds, we are in your service!

There's a separate section listing the local herald offices, this is where you can look for the office-holding herald closest to you. Each Region of Drachenwald has its own herald office, as do all branches. The offices are filled as necessary; especially smaller branches may not have their own herald and are supported by the region herald.

Staff Offices

Principal Herald
Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald Lyonet de Covenham
Chief heraldic officer of the Kingdom
Aurochs Herald Esbiorn Jensson
Deputy to Schwarzdrachen
Albion Herald Mór inghean Bhriain
External submissions herald: submits Letters of Intent to the SCA College of Arms
Edelweiss Herald Anna de Byxe
Internal submissions herald: submits Letters of Intent to the Kingdom (send this person your name and armory submissions, including resubmissions and appeals), deputy to Albion Herald
Herolt des Lindquistringes Dubhghall mac Ébhearáird  
Deputy to Edelweiss Herald
Order of Precedence
Post Horn Herald Aryanhwy merch Catmael
Order of Precedence (send this person any corrections to awards listings, dates or foreign honours)
Other Staff Offices
Panache Herald Matthewe Baker  
Rosters and warrants
Dragon’s Steel Pursuivant Mikael Rantzow  
Tournament combat
Gauntlet Pursuivant Thomas Bainbridge of Manchester  
Records challenges in the lists
Dragon’s Bowle Pursuivant Cornelia vom Distelfeld  
Researches and recommends court structure and innovation
Marguerite Pursuivant Pernel Chaloner  
Development of the College
Herald Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada  
Education within the College
the Accidental Herald Þora Sumarliðadóttir  
Improving communication within the College
Dragon’s Jewel Pursuivant Angelica of Guildford  
Rabe Herald Hartmann Rogge  

Regional and Local Offices

Insulae Draconis (United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland)
Rockall Herald Sela de la Rosa
Gauntlet Pursuivant (deputy) Thomas Bainbridge of Manchester  
Insulae Draconis local heralds
Depedene under Wychwood Pursuivant    
Dun in Mara Pursuivant Thora Greylock  
Eplaheimr Pursuivant    
Flintheath Pursuivant    
Glen Rathlin Pursuivant    
Harpelstane Herald Esbiorn Jensson
King's Lake Pursuivant    
Klakavirki Pursuivant    
Mynydd Gwyn Herald Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada
Pont Alarch Pursuivant    
Thamesreach Pursuivant    
West Dragoningshire Herald Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
Nordmark (Sweden)
Silversparre Herald Anna de Byxe
Gyllene-bandet Pursuivant (deputy) Þórólfr Blót-úlfsson  
Nordmark local heralds
Aros Pursuivant    
Attemark Pursuivant Styrmir af Næstweth
Baggeholm Pursuivant    
Frostheim Pursuivant    
Gotvik Herald Emund från Sleep
Gyllengran Pursuivant    
Holmrike Pursuivant    
Juneborg Pursuivant    
Reengarda Pursuivant Þórólfr Blót-úlfsson  
Styringheim Herald Gríma in Rauda
Ulvberget Pursuivant    
Uma Pursuivant    
Aarnimetsä (Finland)
Susi Herald Johann vom Hasengraben
Rautahirvi Pursuivant (deputy)    
Aarnimetsä local heralds
Hukka Pursuivant Walborg Liucoin  
Humalasalo Pursuivant Joanne am Rein  
Kaarnemaa Pursuivant    
Miehonlinna Pursuivant    
Poukka Pursuivant    
Torna Pursuivant    
Unikankare Pursuivant    
Knight's Crossing (Germany except München)
Broken Wain Herald Ellisa von Berenklaw
Knight's Crossing local heralds
Aventiure Pursuivant    
Drei Eichen Pursuivant    
Meadowmarsh Pursuivant Jörg the Short
Roterde Pursuivant    
Turmstadt Pursuivant    
Two Seas Pursuivant    
Veer Förden Pursuivant    
Vielburgen Pursuivant    
Ad Flumen Caerulum Pursuivant    
Trivium Pursuivant Katharina van Antwerpen  
Saint John of Rila Pursuivant    
Germany (outside Knight's Crossing)
Isengau Pursuivant (München)    
Polderslot Pursuivant    
Gorynovo Pursuivant    
South Africa
Adamastor Pursuivant (Western Cape)    
Griffin's Tor Pursuivant (Gauteng)    

Drachenwald Roster of Heralds Part 2: Names

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