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Dragon's Tale - the Technical Stuff

Creation of the Newsletter

The newsletter is set using Adobe InDesign CS3.  This is used for all the layout and formatting of the pages, articles, graphics etc.

Processing of Content

Text content is edited in Microsoft Office 2000 or Open Offie 3.5 before being saved for import into InDesign.

Photographs and other image files are processed with PhotoShop 7 or Gimp prior to import into InDesign.

Format and Layout

The Dragon's Tale is laid out as an A5 saddle-stitched booklet, printed as A4 double-sided sheets.

Pages are set with 8mm margins with a 132mm x 194mm text area.  Text is usually set in two columns with a 4mm gutter.

Body text is set in Garamond typeface with headlines in Zapf Chancery.   Listings and such are set in Arial and Arial Narrow.

Front page masthead is set in Tyrfing Demo.