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Court Report Form

A form should normally be used to report awards given and other activities during a Kingdom, Principality or Baronial Court but right now the new webpage are under construction ant there are no report form functional so for now you have got to send it in the form of email. It should be completed by the appropriate herald.

If more than one type of court is held, e.g. a Principality Court during a Kingdom Court, please make a separate report for that court.

Reports are sent to the following:
Schwarzdrachen Herald, Posthorn Herald (OP), Signet Clerk,
Kingdom Chronicler, Presiding Nobles, Submitting Herald,
Principality/Baronial Herald (where appropriate)

Use at least the addresses ; ; ; when you send in the report.

The report shall be in this format:
"name of the event"
"the date court was held" - "the group that helt the event"

Ruling Nobles: "the crown that gave out the award"
Court herald: "name of the herald"

"name of the award"
"sca name of the person""mundane name" - "if token/scroll was given"("name on the one that made scroll/token""

For example:
Lucia Feast and Baronial Investiture
10 December 2016 - Styringheim

Ruling Nobles: Queen Agnes and King Morales of
Court herald: Master Skafte Vaghorne (mundane name excluded here on webpage)

Sigillum Coronae
Lord John Smith (mundane name excluded here on webpage) - scroll and token given (scroll by Her Majesty
Agnes, token by Master Guntram)
Grant of Arms
Skarp-Eriks Saga (mundane name excluded here on webpage) - no scroll given
Mark Odygd (mundane name excluded here on webpage) - scroll given (by Mistress Lia de Thornegge)

Order of the Laurel
Renike Tucher (mundane name excluded here on webpage) - scroll and tokens given (scroll by Mistress Ailitha de
The King's Order of the Albion
Lady Ingrid Audardotter (mundane name excluded here on webpage) - no scroll given, token given (token
made by Master Guntram)

The King and Queen also invested the new Baron Jorulf (mundane name excluded here on webpage) and
Baroness Märta (mundane name excluded here on webpage) of Styringheim.