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VIVAT! To the new King and Queen of Drachenwald!

With the abdication of Vitus Polonius and Eleanora von Ratzeburg, their heirs have ascended to the throne.  May His Royal Majesty Leif Wulfsson and Her Royal Majesty Morrigan nic Temair continue to lead Drachenwald toward a glorius future.  VIVAT! VIVAT!! VIVAT!!!

VIVAT! To Le Chevalier Armand d'Alsace, KSCA

Let us welcome the other new member of the circle of Knights, Le Chevalier Armand d'Alsace.  He was elevated to this chivalrous order at Double Wars 2011, by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora.  Formerly known as Viscount Arngrim, may he continue to be a leader and teacher in his new role and with his new name.   VIVAT!

VIVAT! To Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OL

Let us welcome the newest member of the Order of the Laurel, Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz.  Se was elevated to this talented order at Double Wars 2011, by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora.  May she continue to teach and lead others down the path of Arts & Sciences in her newly recognized role as a Laurel.  VIVAT!

VIVAT! To Sir Mans Kotte, KSCA

Let us welcome one of the newest members of the circle of Knights, Sir Mans Kotte.  He was elevated to this chivalrous order at Double Wars 2011, by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora.  Let him be an example to fighters everywhere.  VIVAT!

Welcome to our new Kingdom MOAS, Lady Lia de Thornegge...

Lady Lia de Thornegge is kind enough to take over for Lady Katherina Mornewegh.  She also noted that she is holding the position until the end of term; Twelfth Night Coronation 2012.  So if any are interested, now may be the time to consider it.  And thank you, Lady Lia, for stepping up to help out.

VIVAT! To the new Crown Prince and Princess of Drachenwald...

Congratulations to the new Crown Prince and Princess of Drachenwald.  With a stunning display of prowess, Lord Leif Wulfsson fought for his consort, Lady Morrigan nic Temair and emerged victorious.  His honour and chivalry on the field did credit to both him and his lady.  VIVAT!

Knights Crossing has a new Baron and Baroness...

It was announced by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora, at Crown Tourney, they had picked the new Baron and Baroness of Knights Crossing.  Congratulations to Lord Gottfried Kilianus and Lady Magdelena Grace Vane.  Their investiture will occur later this summer.

Drachenwalders at Pennsic...

Pennsic 40 will be happening later this year.  This event is a unique experience, even more so this anniversary year.  To assist any Drachenwalders who may be thinking of attending, a site has been created with all sorts of information to assist you.

This site can be found here...

VIVAT! To the new Prince and Princess of ID...

At the third ID Coronet, Cernac the Inspired was truly inspired and stepped up to become the new Prince of ID.  He is accompanied in his duties by the lovely Princess Susannah.  A hearty round of VIVAT for the new Prince and Princess.

June Coronation Awarded to Flintheath

This year's summer coronation, scheduled to take place in Insulae Draconis, has been awarded to the Shire of Flintheath in eastern England.
The event will take place on the weekend of 17-19 June 2011 at Whitwell Hall, which is a Jacobean mansion in the village of Reepham, near Norwich, Norfolk.  Full details to follow.

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