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SCA 50 Year Celebration

Society for Creative Anachronism - 50 Year Celebration

Unto the the Populace of the Knowne World do Duchess Elina of Beckenham and Master Llewellyn ap Teirnon, Stewards of the SCA 50 Celebration send greetings:

As you may know, we have been entrusted with putting together the 50th anniversary celebration of our Society in Danville, Indiana in 2016.

To this end, we are trying to gauge what the members of the Society find important to highlight. It would be very easy for us to concentrate on our own interests and we do not wish to do so.

After testing among a select group, we have developed a SurveyMonkey questionnaire to collect the needed data. It is anonymous (unless the user chooses to give us their information). In addition, users may go back and fill it out again if they feel that they have missed something.

The survey can be found at the following address:

It is already live and will remain active until January 1st, 2014.

Thank you for your help in this and we look forward to working with you as the event grows closer.

Thank you,

Elina and Llew