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Drachenwald Succession

Princes and Princesses of Drachenwald

I 1980-2 Jahn and Tuiren

II 1981-1 Bearengear and Nige

III 1981-2 David and Catherine

IV 1982-1 Doran and Vincetta

V 1982-2 Raim and Regina

VI 1983-1 Wolf and Caitriona

VII 1983-2 Alexander and Katya

VIII 1984-1 Galen and Kaylitha

IX 1984-2 Raim and Gwynna

X 1985-1 Dafydd and Morgan

XI 1985-2 Richard and Joedda

XII 1986-1 Wulfbrand and Lucilla

XIII 1986-2 Justin and Gyth

XIV 1987-1 Ulric and Eleonora

XV 1987-2 Ivar and Kathleen

XVI 1988-1 Gwenllian and Stefan

XVII 1988-2 Axel and Jeanmaire

XVIII 1989-1 Ian and Charitee

XIX 1989-2 Yoshina and Ivone

XX 1990-1 Bryon and Silesia

XXI 1990-2 Karl and Bettina

XXII 1991-1 Cian and Catherine

XXIII 1991-2 Morgan and Alienor

XXIV 1992-1 Myles and Katharina

XXV 1992-2 Gareth and Idunn

XXVI 1993-1 Karl and Leia

Kings and Queens of Drachenwald

I 1993-2 Elffin and Vanna, A.S. XXVIII

II 1994-1 Morgan and Alienor, A.S. XXVIII

III 1994-2 Wulfric and Eira, A.S. XXIX

IV 1995-1 Timoch and Adelicia, A.S. XXIX

V 1995-2 Michael and Alessandra Melusine, A.S. XXX

VI 1996-1 Garick and Talitha, A.S. XXX

VII 1996-2 Edouard and Eanor, A.S. XXXI

VIII 1997-1 Elffin and Vanna, A.S. XXXI

IX 1997-2 Jurgan and Lilliard, A.S. XXXII

X 1998-1 Matthew and Anna, A.S. XXXII

XI 1998-2 Sven and Thora, A.S. XXXIII

XII 1999-1 Prothall and Cecilia, A.S. XXXIII

XIII 1999-2 Matthew and Anna, A.S. XXXIV

XIV 2000-1 Elffin and Alessandra Melusine, A.S. XXXIV

XV 2000-2 Prothall and Cecilia, A.S. XXXV

XVI 2001-1 Peregrine and Alessandra Melusine, A.S. XXXV

XVII 2001-2 Elffin and Signy, A.S. XXXVI

XVIII 2002-1 Gerhardt and Aurelia, A.S. XXXVI

XIX 2002-2 Giles and EzaBella, A.S. XXXVII

XX 2003-1 Matthew and Alienor, A.S. XXXVII

XXI 2003-2 Marcus and Anna, A.S. XXXVIII

XXII 2004-1 Elffin and Signy, A.S. XXXVIII

XXIII 2004-2 John and Honor, A.S. XXXIX

XXIV 2005-1 Padraig and Elsa, A.S. XXXIX

XXV 2005-2 Cadogan and Eufemia, A.S.XXXX

XXVI 2006-1 Sven and Thora, A.S. XXXX

XXVII 2006-2 Micahel and Moira, A.S. XXXXI

XXVIII 2007-1 Maximilian and Margerite, A.S. XXXXI

XXIX 2007-2 Alaric and Nerissa, A.S. XXXXII

XXX 2008-1 Sven and Jovi, A.S XXXXII

XXXI 2008-2 Thorvaldr and Fiona, A.S XXXXIII

XXXII 2009-1 Marcus and Cecilia, A.S XXXXIII

XXXIII 2009-2 Gerhardt and Judith, A.S XXXXIV

XXXIV 2010-1 ThorvaldR and Fiona, A.S.XLIV

XXXV 2010-2 UlfR and Caoimhe, A.S.XLV

XXXVI 2011-1 Vitus and Eleanora, A.S.XLV

XXXVII 2011-2 Lief and Morrigan, A.S.XLVI

XXXVIII 2012-1 Sven and Siobhan, A.S.XLVI

XXXIX 2012-2 Paul and Aryanhwy, A.S. XLVII

XL 2013-1 ThorvaldR and Tofá, A.S. XLVII

XLI 2013-2 Sven and Siobhán, A.S. XLVIII

XLII 2014-1 Prothall and Cecilia, A.S. XLVIII

XLIII 2014-2 Leif and Morrigan, A.S. XLIX

XLIV 2015-1 Makarius and Izabella, A.S. XLIX

XLV 2015-2 ThorvaldR and Tomoe, A.S. L

XLVI 2016-1 Vitus and Isabel, A.S L

XLVII 2016-2 Morales and Agnes, AS LI

XLVIII 2017-1 William and Isabetta, AS LI

XLIX 2017-2 Siridean and Jahanara, AS LII

L 2018-1 Lief and Morrigan, AS LII

LI 2018-2 Vitus and Isabel, AS LIII

LII 2019-1 William and Isabetta, AS LIII