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Drachenwald Seneschal


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Office of the Seneschal

Welcome! In this page you should find everything you need to help in the smooth administration of groups within Drachenwald. Here you will find our Great Book of Laws, warrants, policies and the forms which must be completed for Shire Quarterly reports.

Corporate Documents

Kingdom Documents


Seneschal Points of Contact

Kingdom Seneschal

Master Edricus Filius Offaeus (Jonas Evertsson)

Deputy Seneschal Central Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation and Switzerland)


Lady Alienor de Salignac (Irene Jethan)

Principality Seneschal Insulae Draconis (United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland)

Alexander of Derlington (Alex Thompson)


Principality Seneschal Nordmark (Sweden)

Lady Tova of Attemark (Marina Hägg)


Baronial Seneschal Aarnimetsä (Finland)

Frouva Menja (Pia Wenelius)


Deputy Seneschal South (Bulgaria, Italy, South Africa and Israel)

Tamara Samuilova (Lydia J Krise)

Waiver Secretary


Master Bertrik van Triecht (Bart Orbons)

Kantjil Straat 22 1338 KE Almere, The Netherlands

Minister of Youth

Lady Blenda af Nääs (Emilia Stenmyr)