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Archery - Royal Round

The most common competition in the Society is the Royal Round.

  • The Royal Round uses a standard 5-ringed 60 cm FITA target.
  • The archers shoot one round of 6 arrows at 40, 30, and 20 yards, as well as, a timed round with unlimited arrows for 30 seconds at 20 yards.
  • Points are counted from 1 (outer white) to 10 (inner gold).
  • At the beginning of the timed round archers may have their first arrow nocked, drawn and aimed.  Should you loose an arrow early or late in the timed round you lose your highest scoring arrow for that round.

Children distances: Children 10 years of age and under which shoot 20, 15, 10yds

Youth distances: Children 13 years of age and under which shoot 30, 20, 10yds

In all of the Youth Divisions, the age of the child is counted as of the start of any competition.