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Archery - The Drachenwald Round

The Drachenwald round has been devised in an attempt to provide a more authentic standard competition for the Kingdom. This competition is intended to reward both shooting skill and the use of authentic equipment. It consists of three parts:


This is a long range, timed round which simulates military field archery. Arrows are shot into the target that represents a besieged castle or an element of enemy soldiers arrayed for battle. The target is a circle on the ground, 10 yards in diameter. It can be made of hay bales or other suitable materials.
The firing line should be approximately 100 yards from the line to the nearest point on the target circle. If this distance is not feasible at the site, it may be reduced to a minimum of 80 yards, with a corresponding decrease in size of the target circle to 8 yards. Archers shoot an unlimited number of arrows for one full minute. Each arrow that falls inside the target circle scores 2 points. If an archer looses an arrow in the timed round before told to do so or after the 60 seconds are up they loose one of their scoring arrows.

Shooting at the mark

This is a short-range round based on precision, having more in common with hunting than with military archery. The target is a piece of paper 21 x 21 cm (8¼ x 8¼inches). This just happens to be what you get if you fold and cut square a sheet of standard European A4 stationary in half. The paper may be oriented any way you like.  Archers shoot one round of 6 arrows each at 40, 30, and 20 yards without a time limit. Each arrow that hits the mark scores 2 points. This yields a maximum of 36 points.


The use and construction of authentic equipment may also yield an archer points. A maximum of 9 points may be scored without even hitting a target. The following is a breakdown of possible points;
  1. Bow: 3 points are awarded to all archers who shoot an English longbow (D shaped without a sight window), a self bow or any other bow which can be documented to be more to the medieval period than a modern recurve or fibreglass laminated longbow.
  2. Arrows: 3 points are awarded for using arrows with self nocks.
  3. Construction: 3 points are awarded to all archers who either
    a. have built their own bow themselves or
    b. have built their own period- style arrows (with self nocks and tied-on feathers).