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About Their Majesties William & Isabetta

Their Majesties

Their Royal Majesties
King & Queen of Drachenwald

William of Richwood

(Johan Kriström)


Isabetta del Verde

(Clara Brandkvist)

His Majesty is interested in
  • crafts, textile and other, taking part is more fun than watching
  • dancing, especially social dances
  • regional variation in sca traditions and practice
  Her Majesty is interested in
  • all kinds of hands on A&S, especially textile
  • trying out new handicrafts
  • hanging out with new and old friends
His Majesty likes
  • Banners, flags and heraldic displays in general
  • Armour that looks like garb and/or historic armour
  Her Majesty likes
  • seeing everyone help out at events
  • when people take time to get to know newcomers and make sure they feel welcome
His Majesty dislikes
  • flying home with wet armour/whatnot
  • being rushed off the field
  Her Majesty dislikes
  • when participants in tournaments don’t show who died, even a beginner watching for the first time should be able to see who won and who didn’t
Please Feed His Majesty
  • food, beef jerky, cheese, bacon and mushrooms
  Please Feed Her Majesty
  • chocolate and cookies and port wine
  • lots of fruits and vegetables
  • cheese
  • whatever is being served
To drink during the event His Majesty prefers
  • still water
  • coke
  • most drinks
  To drink during the event Her Majesty prefers
  • water and coke zero during the day
  • sparkling wine or cider with feast
  • new flavours and home made drinks especially if they are sweet
Please Do Not Feed His Majesty
  • lamb or mutton
  • broccoli or brussel sprouts
  Please Do Not Feed Her Majesty
  • mustard
  • beer
  • coffee
His Majesty has the following food restrictions
  • no food allergies
  Her Majesty has the following food restrictions
  • no food allergies
For breakfast His Majesty prefers
  • Sandwiches or hot food
  • tea and/or water
  For breakfast Her Majesty prefers
  • whatever is being served
  • tea and/or water
His Majesty would like events to feature
  • a schedule that has a bit of free time here and there
  Her Majesty would like events to feature:
  • thrown weapons if there is time in her Majesty’s schedule

Their Majesties' Progress






January 2019

04-06 Glen Rathlin (Northern Ireland) 12th Night Coronation  K&Q, CP&CPs

February 2019

01-03 Gyllengran (Sweden) Fencing Weekend Gyllengran  K
19-25 Atenveld (USA) Estrella War K&Q

March 2019

08-10 Meadowmarsh (Germany) Bootcamp 2019  K&Q
15-17 Gotvik (Sweden) St Egon  K&Q
22-24 Miehonlinna (Finland) Aarnimetsän Akatemia -  Academy of Aarnimetsä  K&Q
29-31 Holmrike (Sweden) Spring Crown Tournament  K&Q

April 2019

26-28 Turmstadt (Germany) Arts in April  K&Q

May 2019

03-05 Holmrike (Sweden) May Count K&Q
10-12 Dun in Mara (Ireland) Insulae Draconis May Coronet Tourney  K&Q
24- Attemark (Sweden) Double Wars  K&Q

June 2019

-02 Attemark (Sweden) Double Wars  K&Q
21-23 Polderslot (The Netherlands) Midsummer Coronation K&Q